How long should my study circle take to complete?
Please click here for more information.

Do I have to complete the Books in sequence?
Not necessarily. However, the process works better if you work through the books in sequence. You learn to be of service starting with more simple acts of service and gradually working your way to more complex service.  However, especially in communities which struggle to get enough participants to fill a course, sometimes a cluster institute coordinator will invite someone who hasn't yet completed a book lower in the sequence into a book that is higher in the sequence. This is acceptable.

When can I do Book 7?
The best possible time to do Book 7 is when you have completed the rest of the courses - Books 1-6.  Sometimes a Book 7 will be offered in your area and the institute coordinator noticing that you are close to finishing the sequence will invite you to attend in order to have more participants. Also the Institute encourages those who have completed Book One and have many friends who they would like to invite to a Book One and to serve as a tutor for these friends, to do Book 7 and then tutor alongside another experienced tutor.

How much do the books cost?
This is a List of Prices but would be good to check prices when you order them from the Baha'i Distribution Service through the NZ Baha'i National Office

I need some help with ideas for games/arts. How can I make the course comfortable for the community of interest?
Look at the Resources for Tutors page or contact us.

Where can I share a great activity/story?
Send us an email and tell us about it. We'll write it up and share it in the newsletter and with the Cluster Institute Coordinators.

Are we supposed to be using Ruhi Book 3 lessons for all children's classes?
Aotearoa Institute is encouraging ALL children's classes to use the Ruhi curriculum with their classes. There is a variety of materials that can be used in a variety of ways. 
There is a preschool curriculum for 2-5 year olds called Hidden Gems. It has lessons, workbooks, picture resources and music CD's. 
Book 3 Grade 1 lessons can be used easily for at least two years and can be used with children 5-7 years old comfortably. Contact me for arts ideas and check out the Resources for Children page. 
Grade 2 can be used easily for three years with children 7-10 and sometimes older. 
Check with your Cluster Institute Coordinator for training and purchase the book for resource material. It's great!  Other materials may be used as needed to adapt your classes to your circumstances. Contact us for more ideas.

My children's class has finished all the Ruhi Book 3 lessons. What do we do next?

What are Animators?
Animators are youth aged 15 and up OR adults who have completed Book 5 and are working with a junior youth group.

What are we supposed to do in our junior youth group?
Junior youth guided by their Animator learn about how junior youth can make a difference in the world, do service projects, study from one of the moral empowerment books, play games, make friends, organise ecology camps, organise visits and field trips.

Where can I get more training?
Contact your Cluster Institute Coordinator for local training. If there aren't enough tutors yet, contact us and find out about training opportunities in a nearby community or in an A cluster during holiday periods.

I need help to complete my statistical report. Can you help?
Yes of course!

Who has to do the Child Protection Workshop?
Everybody! Everyone over 15 that teaches or helps with children at Baha'i organised events - Feasts, Holy Days, Cluster Reflection Meetings, children's classes, neighbourhood classes, Baha'i Education in New Zealand classes in schools, etc. needs to complete the Child Protection Workshop AND THEN to become accredited. Check out the Child Protection page.

When is the deadline to complete the Child Protection Workshop? Then what happens?
April 21 2008. If you haven't become accredited  by then and don't have a little yellow card, then you may only assist with caring for children alongside other people who have become accredited.

Who can facilitate the Child Protection Workshop?
Cluster Institute Coordinators, Regional Child Protection Officers, and tutors who have finished the sequence who have permission.  Tutors who would like to facilitate the Child Protection Workshop should check with their CIC.

I need to talk to someone about a child protection issue. Who can I call?
One of the Regional Child Protection Officers:
  • Upper North Island | Maureen Mathews- 07 868 2212
  • Lower North Island | Jill Cookson - 04 934 5212
  • South Island | Fariba Nourozi - 03 347 7096
...or your Auxiliary Board Member / Local Spiritual Assembly.