Guidance and Reference

From the Universal House of Justice
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where you can find Ridvan Messages and other recent letters and statements

A publication highlighting stories of growth from around New Zealand

From the International Teaching Centre:

Reflections on Growth:
Here are the most recent ones and are available through the Regional Council or the Regional Institute coordinators
  • # 25 Accelerating the 2nd Movement
  • # 26 Capacity Building
  • #27 Strengthening the Training Institute: The importance of Gatherings for Reflection
  • #28 Programs of Growth: Moving toward the first milestone and "the multiplicity of ways in which it can be reached"
  • #29  Advancing the Junior Youth Program "in a Variety of Settings & Circumstances"
  • #30  Advancing Junior Youth Programs II
  • #31  Advancing Junior Youth Programs III
  • #32  Moving Towards the First Milestone
  • #33  Beginning & Sustaining a Programme of Growth

Articles and Reports