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Po-Cai, Ancient Chinese PaintingTechnique

Here are some ideas and links where creativity is shared.

There is no doubt that the world wide web connects us with so much. I'm sure your will find your own great inspiration within.

One Hearts Art

Jeannie Hunt teaches bookmaking workshops for children, teachers and adults that incorporate creative writing, illustration and innovative book structures. The projects she designs are easy to build and fun to fill. Students learn to tell stories with pictures and words that help them find their place in the world as they learn about other cultures and traditions.

You will fiind great book making ideas for Children’s classes and Study circles

Creativity Everywhere 

Creativity Everywhere is a collaborative creation bringing together contributions from people of all ages, backgrounds, cultures and experiences. The idea is to show that, as human beings created by God, we are all creative (yes, even you!), and that it is up to us to start putting our creativity to practice as this is the only way to improve it. No one will reach perfection in their first attempts; starting somewhere, anywhere, is the first step.



To appreciate the role of artistic endeavours in the advancement of Baha'u'llah's cause, and to share ideas, encourage and inspire each other.