Teaching Children's Classes Grade 2    
Version 2.2.1.   A branch course of Book 3  

 It is encouraged for children to move into Grade 2 after completing Grade 1 

As currently conceived, our book for training teachers to conduct classes for children in the second year 
of a program for their spiritual education, generally aged six or seven will consist of two units.

                    The first, entitled “Reflecting on Experience”, is intended to provide teachers with an opportunity to

                    analyze the insights they gained in teaching children in Grade 1.

                    The second unit, “Lessons for Children’s Classes Grade 2”, contains twenty-one lessons,

                    divided into seven sets. Each set treats some aspect of the habits and patterns of conduct that are a

                    manifestation of the inner qualities addressed in the first year of the program.

                    All seven sets, the themes of which are listed below, include three lessons.

                    Includes study material to prepare teachers for each set of lessons.

                    Also includes a song book of new and old Baha'i songs with guitar chords.

                        1. Maintaining a prayerful attitude

                        2. Adhering to the laws of God

                        3. Seeking knowledge

                        4. Living in harmony with others

                        5. Being a good friend

                        6. Devoting one’s life to service

                        7. Engaging in consultation

            Each lesson consists of five elements: Memorisation of prayers and quotations; songs; stories; drama; and drawing.

        Children's Classes for Grade 2 can be purchased from New Zealand B.D.S

   A description of Lesson plans at Bahá'í children's class ideas!

Resources for each Lesson

Set 1   Maintaining a Prayerful Attitude        Lesson 1          Lesson 2          Lesson 3

Set 2    Adhering to the Laws of God           Lesson 4          Lesson 5          Lesson 6

Set 3    Seeking Knowledge                        Lesson 7           Lesson 8          Lesson 9

Set 4    Living in Harmony with others         Lesson 10          Lesson 11        Lesson 12

Set 5    Being a Good Friend                      Lesson 13           Lesson 14        Lesson 15

Set 6    Devoting One's Life to Service        Lesson 16           Lesson 17        Lesson 18

Set 7    Engaging in Consultation                Lesson 19           Lesson 20        Lesson 21


Memorisation Booklets Done in different ways
To help better memorise the various quotes and prayers, 
    A lovely memorisation booklet has been put together  (based on an idea from Leyla Neilsen & Atusa Nemat)
    Each time the children give the memorisation a try, they get a tick in one of the boxes  -  
    Once they can say the whole quote / prayer by heart, they get a sticker in the last box.

  1.  All prayers, quotes for Set 1 to 3 including review quotes from Grade 1   Download Here      

         For Smaller Booklet   Download here

   2.  All prayers for all Sets    Download Here        For Smaller Booklet Download here

   3.  Prayers and quotes for all Sets & Lessons but not the review quotes Download Here

Quotation Memorisation 

Quotes for lessons with Pictures Here

 Prayer & Quotation Booklets in Maori

     Grade 2 Quotations & Prayers put to Music - Download free MP3s
         Larry Magee has created a song for each quotation within the 24 lessons of Book 3 Grade 1. 
         These can be  downloaded for free at    http://www.losNiceGuys.com    Click on the Ruhi Book 3 songs.
         The songs make learning the quotations easy and fun.  They include activities for the children to do while singing.
          There is now a CD or flash drive available with these through the Regional Institute Coordinator 
          Email contact:  Su Ellis   ric-central-north@bahai.org.nz

    Memorisation cards with picture for Grade 2  Here
         Nancy Dobrochowski shares memorisation cards with pictures for the prayers & Quotes.
         You will also find a few other activities. 


Music for Children's Class Lessons Grade 2 Plus
   This is a link to the Ruhi Institute page that has recently updated all their songs that are downloadable.    
      There is now a CD or flash drive available with all Grade 1 and 2 songs through the Regional Institute Coordinator. 
        Email contact:  Su Ellis   ric-central-north@bahai.org.nz

Waiata Resource

From this website you can find waiata that you can download.
Also a songbook with lyrics & song sheets



    Note:  This resource has been compiled by an individual so be aware there might be some proof reading errors.  


Social Drama   Story Telling  Sacred Space      
Link to Drama / Play Making

Every community play is “written on the wind”.  It adapts itself to the participants — both performers and audience. 
 Rather than art for art’s sake, it is art for the occasion’s sake.  We must never assume how a play “should” be done.  
                          Every group’s process must be a self-discovery as well as a discovery of how best to meet the needs of its audience.  
                          The process is as sacred as the product that is the performance                              



Bahai Blog  Sharing Videos of Children Telling Stories  Here

Supplementary Materials
     Here you will find support materials for Grade 2 Children's Classes

Children's Class Grade 2  Support Materials Booklet


Great Resource

   Great Website sharing ideas to support the Core Activities

Craft Ideas

 Here you will find some art and craft ideas

Set 1 Prayer

          Memorisation Cards   Check it out here

          Felt Prayer Book Covers  Check it out here

Set 2 Obedience to the Laws of God
          Cardboard Castles to illustrate the idea of a stronghold (something that keeps us safe)    Check it out here
           Colourful Glass jars - lamps to illustrate laws - light that leads us aright

Set 3 Knowledge of God
        'God's Tokens Quest'   Thirst for knowledge is important - children suggested they'd all become knights of knowledge
       (with creating appropriate Armour/shields, etc) and search out the truth game.
          Picture grams for memorising prayer "O my Lord! Make Thy beauty to be my food..."
          Did some science experiments   Let a paper lantern fly high  into the sky

Set 4  Living in harmony

          Use the mustard seed activity from Australian Peace Pack, to illustrate how being fair contributes to unity and harmony 

Set 5  Being a friend

        Braided friendship bracelets instructions here

Set 6  Service

     Handiwork prayer - use children's hand-shape

      Bird feeders from egg cartons

     Work in the spirit of service is worship - calligraphy (printed out A3 sheets with different alphabets for children to trace)

Set 7  Consultation

     Make a collaborative story book (each child designs a page that then gets glued together into a book)

       we used Netty's Rock story (temple cornerstone)

     Prayer collages

     Baking cookies/cakes (everyone has something to contribute, and we want to bring all ingredients together to create something                       even more delicious!)

 Great Resource

Great Website sharing ideas to support the Core Activities