Memorisation of Quotations in Grade 2
These sheets have each quotations with pictures and the words to the quotes    

 Below you can download a pdf file with each Lessons quote 

Set 1   Maintaining a Prayerful Attitude  
    Lesson 1    Intone O My servant
    Lesson 3    Forget all save Me

Set 2    Adhering to the Laws of God        
    Lesson 4     My love is My stronghold         
    Lesson 5    The Tonge of My power        
    Lesson 6    Neglect not My commandments

Set 3    Seeking Knowledge                        
    Lesson 8    Exert every effort
    Lesson 9    He must search after the truth

Set 4    Living in Harmony with others         
    Lesson 10    So powerful is the light of unity        
    Lesson 11    We ask God to endow       
    Lesson 12    The supreme need of humanity

Set 5    Being a Good Friend                      
    Lesson 13    Incline your heart O people of God           
    Lesson 14    Commit not that which defilieth
    Lesson 15    Strive ye with all your might

Set 6    Devoting One's Life to Service        
    Lesson 16    That one indeed is a man
    Lesson 17    Wast not your time in idleness and sloth
    Lesson 18    It is incumbent upon each one of you

Set 7    Engaging in Consultation                
    Lesson 19    Take ye counsel together infall matters
    Lesson 20    Say: no man can attain his true station except through his justice
    Lesson 21    They must then proceed with the utmost devotion, courtesy