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    Teaching Children's Classes  Grade 1 


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               Grade 1 is the first year of a program for their spiritual education, generally aged 5 & 6.

   Current guidance:  It is recommended that all children starting children's classes begin with Grade 1 Lessons            
                                        even though they are older than 6 years of age.

                          Lessons for children's Classes, Grade 1 offers a set of 24 Lessons intended to foster the development of spiritual qualities in children.


Lesson Plans
We now have 24 lessons, which are an updated version (pre-publication) of Ruhi Institute Book 3.  Now called Children's Classes Grade 1, each of the lessons is structured around the development of a spiritual qualities, and many of the 15 lessons from the initial edition of Book 3 have remained.
There are new songs & information below about where you can get these from.

Grade 1 Lessons can be purchased from New Zealand B.D.S

Resources for each Lesson

      Lesson 1        Lesson 2        Lesson 3           Lesson 4          Lesson 5         Lesson 6                

      Lesson 7         Lesson 8        Lesson 9          Lesson 10        Lesson 11       Lesson 12                   

      Lesson 13        Lesson 14       Lesson 15        Lesson 16      Lesson 17       Lesson 18

      Lesson 19        Lesson 20        Lesson 21        Lesson 22      Lesson 23       Lesson 24  


A Memorisation booklet for Grade 1 Classes
To help better memorise the various quotes and prayers, 
A lovely memorisation booklet has been put together  (based on an idea from Leyla Neilsen Atusa Nemat)
Each time the children give the memorisation a try, they get a tick in one of the boxes. 
Once they can say the whole quote / prayer by heart, they get a sticker in the last box. 

Word Document of Grade 1 Themes, Quotes & Prayers used for each lesson   Download Here
    Prayers & Quotations to Music - Download free MP3s
    Larry Magee has created a song for each quotation within the 24 lessons of Book 3 Grade 1. 
    These can be  downloaded for free at    Click on the Ruhi Book 3 songs.
    The songs make learning the quotations easy and fun.  They include activities for the children to do while singing.

    Memorisation cards with picture for Grade 1  Here
         Nancy Dobrochowski shares memorisation cards with pictures for the prayers & Quotes.
         You will also find a few other activities.  


Music for Children's Class Lessons Grade 1
   This is a link to the Ruhi Institute page that has recently updated all their songs that are downloadable.
      There is now a CD or flash drive available with all Grade 1 and 2 songs through the Children's Class Coordinator. 
        Email contact:  Su Ellis

Community Song Book    

(From Ruhi Book 3, Grade 1)

  All songs included are for Grade 1 children's classes.  This can be used at classes and Community Events. 

Virtues Raps by Russ & Gina Garcia
  • Words to Raps for Assertiveness, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Be Trustworthy,                                                                                                                                                             Honesty, Justice, Patience, and Self discipline
  • And The Background Music for the Rap in MP3  

More Music for Children's Classes   Link to Music for Children Page

Stories     Link to illustrated Stories for Grade 1
                     Note:  This resource has been compiled by an individual so be aware there might be some proof reading errors.  

Ideas for Games       Link to Games Page                                                              

Colouring Sheets                                                                                                       

List of Grade 1 Themes & pictures  Download here
Here you will find all the colouring-in images with quotes for the New Grade 1.  On each A4 sheet there are 2 pictures.
It has been found that an A4 size colouring often takes longer than what we had time for. A time saver & less copies to do.

Supplementary Materials
     Here you will find support materials for Grade 1 Children's Classes


Children's Class Grade 1  Support Materials Booklet


      This includes notes in regard - To the Collaborators and the Units themselves. 


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