Grade 1 Lesson 14

Grade 1    Lesson 14:  Detachment

Following the recitation of opening prayers in the usual manner, the children can spend time learning more of the prayer introduced in the last lesson.

Music / Song
Moving on to the next activity, the children can learn to sing the following song and review the songs they have learned in previous lessons:  
Link to  Music sheet

That Is How Bahá’ís Should Be   listen HERE
I love the Master
The Master loves me
He shows me how Bahá’ís should be
Trusting in God faithfully
That is how Bahá’ís should be

I love the Master
The Master loves me
He shows me how Bahá’ís should be
Praying for guidance constantly
That is how Bahá’ís should be

I love the Master
The Master loves me
He shows me how Bahá’ís should be
God’s Will, not my will, my prayer will be
That is how Bahá’ís should be

Memorization of Quotation
The next activity is to memorize a quotation from the Baha'i Holy Writings. 

Today the children will memorize a quotation about the quality of detachment. You can introduce the passage to them in the following way.

God has created every good thing in this world for us to enjoy—good health, delicious foods, love and friendship, the beauty of nature, and the power of the mind, which enables us to make discoveries and create inventions to improve the way we live. We should make use of all the bounties that God has given us and be thankful to Him for the joy of living. But we should be careful not to become attached to this world. Our souls must be free at all times; like free and strong birds, they should soar in the heaven of holiness. How sad if a bird remains on the ground, unable to take flight because it is attached to the things around it. Let us memorize the following quotation:

“Know that thy true adornment consisteth in the love of God and in thy detachment from all save Him. . .”   Put to music HERE

Picture Cards used for Memorization of Quotes & Prayers for Grade 1 lessons  Link to Download here

You can now tell the children the following story, which will illustrate for them the concept of detachment.

Here is the story about Detachment which is used in the Lesson. You can choose to download  HERE
Here is a link to a pdf file with all the stories in Grade 1 Illustrated.   Link to Illustrated Stories for Grade 1 
There are many ways to make the story come alive.  It's always nice to act this story out with props - Having pictures as you go through the story.
Having the class act out or tell the story.  Use puppets.

Game  Now you can play the "Wheel" game which is in the lesson.


HERE is a Pdf with all the colouring sheets for each lesson  

List of Grade 1 Themes & pictures  Download here
Here you will find all the colouring-in images with quotes for the New Grade 1.  On each A4 sheet there is 2 pictures.
It has been found that an A4 size colouring often takes longer than what we had time for, hence has halved time & 
your have less photo copies to do.

Closing Prayer

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