Grade 1    Lesson 19:  Trustworthiness

Begin the class with prayers and then help the children to learn a few more phrases from the prayer introduced in the last lesson. 

Music / Song

Busy Hands   listen HERE
Busy hands make happy children
Happy children can be found
Making other people happy
Spreading peace and love around
Working hands to build a new world
Everybody has a role
All of us can be so thankful
For we soon shall reach our goal
God will help us build a new world
Where we all help someone else
All of us will love our neighbor
More than we love our own selves
CHORUS (with last line repeated)

Link to  Music sheet

Memorization of Quotation
The next activity is to memorize a quotation from the Baha'i Holy Writings. 
The children will find the quotation easier to memorize if they understand it well.  
It is recommended, therefore, that you spend some time discussing the meaning of the words and phrases with them. 

In this lesson, the children will memorize a quotation about trustworthiness, which you can introduce in the following way:

One of the greatest qualities in the sight of God is trustworthiness. A trustworthy person is truthful and honest and can be counted on to keep his or her word. We should not say one thing but do another. Our actions should always reflect our words. When we are trustworthy, others can be sure that we will do our best to fulfill our responsibilities and carry out our duties. In this way, people are able to work together in harmony, knowing that everyone will do his or her part. To help us remember the importance of trustworthiness, let us memorize the following quotation:

“Trustworthiness is the greatest portal leading unto the tranquillity and security of the people.”   listen HERE

Alternative quote:    Be worthy of the trust of thy neighbour, and look upon him with a bright and friendly face. (Baha'u'llah)

Picture Cards used for Memorization of Quotes & Prayers for Grade 1 lessons  Link to Download here

You can now tell the children the following story, which will illustrate for them the concept of Trustworthiness

Here is the story about Trustworthiness which is used in the Lesson. You can choose to download  HERE
Here is a link to a pdf file with all the stories in Grade 1 Illustrated.   Link to Illustrated Stories for Grade 1 
There are many ways to make the story come alive.  It's always nice to act this story out with props - Having pictures as you go through the story.
Having the class act out or tell the story.  Use puppets.

Game  Now you can play the "The Blind Man" game which is in the lesson.


HERE is a Pdf with all the colouring sheets for each lesson  

List of Grade 1 Themes & pictures  Download here
Here you will find all the colouring-in images with quotes for the New Grade 1.  On each A4 sheet there is 2 pictures.
It has been found that an A4 size colouring often takes longer than what we had time for, hence has halved time & 
your have less photo copies to do.

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Closing Prayers

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