Grade 1 Lesson 23

Grade 1    Lesson 23:  Patience

After opening prayers have been recited, the children should finish memorizing the prayer presented in Lesson 18 so that they can dedicate the next class to its review.

“O my Lord! O my Lord! I am a child of tender years. Nourish me from the breast of Thy mercy, train me in the bosom of Thy love, educate me in the school of Thy guidance and develop me under the shadow of Thy bounty. Deliver me from darkness, make me a brilliant light; free me from unhappiness, make me a flower of the rose garden; suffer me to become a servant of Thy threshold and confer upon me the disposition and nature of the righteous; make me a cause of bounty to the human world and crown my head with the diadem of eternal life. Verily, Thou art the Powerful, the Mighty, the Seer, the Hearer.”  Listen HERE 

Music / Song
Patience - listen HERE
Your legs are getting tired
And the road is very long, long, long
You want to give up trying
And the sun is beating strong
No sense gettin’ impatient
It’s useless if you cry
If you take it step by step
The time goes rushing by
Patience is the answer
When you’re sad and blue
Patience is rewarded
It brings happiness to you
Your brother doesn’t understand
But you’ve explained it more than twice
You really ought to try again
And do your best to be nice
No sense gettin’ impatient
It’s useless to be stern
If you show him kindness
It’s the way to help him learn
You want to do much better
But still you don’t succeed
You wonder why make an effort
And where it all will lead
No sense gettin’ impatient
It’s silly to do less
If you keep on striving
You’ll eventually progress
CHORUS (with last two lines repeated)

Alternative songs  

Patience by Stefan Brown  You can hear part of it HERE but will have to purchase his CD
You can purchase this CD Angelic Way by emailing Stefan at  at a great price of $10 plus postage
or Postal address:  60 Church Street Masterton, Wairarapa New Zealand. 

The Patience Song by Radha and the Kiwi Kids  Download HERE

Link to  Music sheet


Memorization of Quotation
The next activity is to memorize a quotation from the Baha'i Holy Writings. 
The children will find the quotation easier to memorize if they understand it well.  
It is recommended, therefore, that you spend some time discussing the meaning of the words and phrases with them. 

The children will learn a quotation related to patience today, which you can present to them in the following way:

Patience is one of the most important qualities we can possess. Without patience we can achieve little in this life. In our studies, in our work, in our friendships with others, in our efforts to grow spiritually, patience is necessary. Not all things in life can be done quickly. Many things can only be done little by little, day after day. When we exercise patience, we do not try to hurry those things that require time. We need to be patient with others and ourselves, because we are all learning and growing. To help us in our efforts to acquire patience, let us memorize the following quotation:

“He, verily, shall increase the reward of them that endure with patience.”    listen HERE

Picture Cards used for Memorization of Quotes & Prayers for Grade 1 lessons  Link to Download here

You can now tell the children the following story, which will illustrate the virtue of Patience .

Here is the story showing Patience which is used in the Lesson. You can choose to download  HERE
Here is a link to a pdf file with all the stories in Grade 1 Illustrated.   Link to Illustrated Stories for Grade 1 
There are many ways to make the story come alive.  It's always nice to act this story out with props - Having pictures as you go through the story.
Having the class act out or tell the story.  Use puppets.

Game  Now you can play the "Find the Starter" game which is in the lesson.
Alternative Game:  
Red Light, Green Light: i.e. "freeze" is an alternative that emphasizes patience.  One child stands away from the others who are at a starting line.  When the isolated child's back is turned, everyone sneaks/runs up to them.  That child will turn suddenly (or after yelling "red light"), and see if everyone's frozen.  If any kids are caught moving they have to go back to the starting point. This is repeated until one of the kids gets close enough to touch the traffic light and then it's their turn to be the light. Remind the kids that they are practicing patience during the red lights.


HERE is a Pdf with all the colouring sheets for each lesson  

List of Grade 1 Themes & pictures  Download here
Here you will find all the colouring-in images with quotes for the New Grade 1.  On each A4 sheet there is 2 pictures.
It has been found that an A4 size colouring often takes longer than what we had time for, hence has halved time & 
your have less photo copies to do.

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Closing Prayers