Grade 1 Lesson 3 Extra ideas

Extra ideas Links for Lesson 3
Have a look at Rebekah's website for extra Ideas for Lesson 3    HERE
Have a look at Wairarapa's Baha'i Children's Class Blog for a Lesson on Love    HERE

Craft Ideas

Here you can make flowers with the quote in the middle.  We used card shaped card that you can get at the $2 shop and then decorated with other coloured card and stickers. 

In My Heart Painting or Drawing   
Cut large paper hearts and have the kids paint or draw pictures of things/people they love 
in their heart.

A world made of love posters   
Cut out a large pile of various colored little hearts. Have the kids use all the little hearts to make collage pictures.

Flower Pots
Plant some seeds in plastic cups or little terra-cotta flower pots.  You can decorate the pots first before filling with potting mix.  You could plant a sunflower of other seed options.

Paper Roses  Make roses out of tissue paper and pipe cleaners.  Bring rosewater to scent. 

Paper Roses in a Heart  A Craft Idea from Ruhi Crafts Link Here

    Great Website sharing ideas
    to support the Core Activities


 ‘Daily Reflections and Stories for Children‘. It is compiled by Munirih Hodge and Margo Styan – and the short stories are beautiful – 19 different ones, all arranged by virtues and spiritual qualities. 
The one we read today, was about two visitors who came to see 
‘Abdu’l-Bahá. They didn’t like each other at all, but ‘Abdu’l-Bahá showed them how to be friends and told them ‘My home is the home of joy and delight. My home is the home of laughter … Whoever enters through the portals of this home must go out with a gladsome heart.”They left the house the best of friends. 

 A Kind Heart  Here is another story that can be used for younger children
Colouring sheets
There is a set of 3 for different ages.  

Visit a Rose Garden
Start with prayers at the rose garden.  Ask What is special bout this place?
Have them Explore, is it calm, what do we smell, appreciate the beauty.  
Read the Quote:  O Friend! In the garden of thy love...
There is naught planted here but the roses.  The rose is a very special flower.  
It is a symbol of love.
What is love?  -Caring, kind, the golden rule.  Attraction like a magnet
How do you show love?  Who do you love?
Tell Story
Drama:  Have the following situations on cards and have them act out what they would do.
              What would loving look like if...
1.  Your father is sick
2.  Your grandmother is aging and not able to do things so easily.
3.  Another child is getting cranky.
4.  You notice a baby bird has fallen out of it's nest.
5.  You are feeling upset about something you yourself have done wrong.
6.  Someone is being mean to you.
7.  You want to express your love for God.

God's love shines on deserts and gardens because He loves everyone.  If you have prepared the garden of your heart then the roses of love will be nurtured and grow and attract those we come in contact with.  Even those who are not nice to us.  What rose are you attracted to.