Grade 1 Lesson 4 Extra ideas


Craft Ideas

Extra activity idea from the Wairarapa Children's Class 

A big huge thank you to Liz Arrambide for posting the great idea of a puppet show for this lesson on ‘truthfulness’ 

It is based on the lesson’s quote “Truthfulness is the foundation of all human virtues”. One of the 2 characters is building a sculpture, out of ‘virtue-blocks’, because she is tired of people not telling the truth. A friend walks past and after finding out what she is doing, questions whether truthfulness is the best virtue to be the foundation of the house-like sculpture. He tries out a few others, but non of them seem to give the same stability to the sculpture.

They both end up building the sculpture together and the friend is convinced, while we need all those other virtues too – truthfulness is the foundation of all human virtues

"Truthfulness is the foundation Marshmallow Tower": Use new JUMBO size Kraft marshmallows and Food writers. Write letters T-R-U-T-H on Five marshmallows - use as foundation. Write virtue words on other marshmallows and stack on top. After the class has worked together on the tower they can have the marshmallows for a snack. Yummm

Truthfulness Activity

The story of 
was the perfect illustration of today's theme.  It's a great story, liked by younger and older audiences alike.  

In the book, Brother and Sister Bear made up a fantastical story of a bird, that supposedly had flown into the treehouse and knocked down Mother Bear’s favourite lamp… the bird took on all sorts of different shapes, colours and features, with every retelling of the untrue story. In the end they learn that there is nothing finer than telling the truth – because trust, if broken, cannot be mended, whereas a lamp can always be glued back together :)!

Our birds were colourful and brightly fantastical as well – but we made them out of paper, and didn’t use them as a scapegoat…

HERE is an idea of birds you could make  OR

This is another idea 

Games / Craft

Make string phones (two cups, connected with string) and get children to exchange messages, which then need to be repeated 'truthfully'.  Make sure you keep the string tight when you send your message.