Grade 1 Lesson 5 Extra Ideas

Craft Ideas

Use a white oil pastel to draw the sheep’s bodies and some lines on the ground. Then wet the entire paper with water, and use blue/purple/pink watercolors. Make sure the colours run together and mix.

When the paint dries, use black watercolour or ink to add in the heads, tails, and legs. Let that dry, and then use white acrylic or tempera paint to splatter all over.

HERE is a link to a web page with Story & craft ideas around Generosity 

Activity of Generosity
A very sweet theme! :) At least in our class today – we made/decorated cookies, to give away as gifts and sweet reminders of Generosity.
From Wairarapa Children's Classes


Colour in the pictures above, and glue into the boxes on the right, coupled with examples re: how to demonstrate generosity.
(quote memorization activity, good for the younger children)


Extra ideas Links for Lesson 5
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