Grade 1 Lesson 6 Extra Ideas

Art Ideas
Here, in a class, a heart was cut into multiple "puzzle pieces".  Each child illustrated a golden rule from a different religion.  They then fit the golden rules together to form a unified golden rule heart. 
Below are the golden rules.  

Click on them and they will enlarge.


 A Wishing Tree
For our craft we made a ‘Wishing Tree’. According to Native Indian tradition, a wish, written on a length of ribbon and hung into a tree, will be carried to the heavens by the wind – and there, it might just come true…… 
Use lengths of ribbon, write a wish for someone else on them and decorate the ribbons.  We then tie them to a tree.

Finger Puppets
This time, we discussed what compassion towards animals would look like. Whether it’s feeding the cat, petting the dog, or helping a bird that has a broken wing – there are so many ways to be compassionate!As a cute reminder of compassion – we made a series of animal finger puppets – find a template with some of the animal shapes here. The children had much fun colouring, naming and cutting out the little shapes and play little improvisation skits with their animal pets…

"Captain’s coming”, a perfect game for letting off some extra energy – and completely exhaust the teachers ;)… One person is the caller and calls out different ‘commands': Climb the rigging, scrub the deck, starboard, shark, captain’s girlfriend, walk the plank, etc – each of which has a certain action connected with it, which the children perform all together. It is great fun! 
HERE is a PDF with how to play the game

Extension to Story
As an extension of the story, the children all had a chance to be tailors and sew their own cloaks. I pre-cut coat shapes, traced them onto scrapbook paper, and poked holes through both layers. The children each got a piece of string taped at one end to create a 'needle' in which to sew their coats onto the paper. Unfortunately, the 'needles' didn't function very well and it was a struggle to keep the children engaged in what they quickly realized was not worth the frustration. Lesson learned: buy enough tapestry needles for each child and poke less holes. They turned out cute nonetheless and each child went home with a copy of the story to share at home.  From HERE

Art Ideas

Face Photo Cut Out Boards to celebrate any of the quotes in the lesson. 
Help the kids make face photo cut out boards. (I used a tri-fold display board) Encourage them to be creative coming up with a variety of scenes. Once the boards are done it's fun for the kids to pose in front of a large mirror so they can see themselves in the scene. Take photos of the kids posing with each other. A fun idea is to save the photos and at the end of the year give each child a small collection of pictures of themselves posing with all their friends. 
* Remember to ask for parental consent before posting any pictures of minors on the Internet.* 


Compassion - think of others first
…how can we show compassion? And why do we need to? We used theVirtues Guide for reference to discuss what compassion is, and how we can practice it: looking after a family member who is sick, feeding someone who is hungry, helping a friend who is stuck with his homework, caring for a pet, etc. The children had quite a few ideas!

Think of the Other Fellow First
The lesson today was about looking out for others first (perfer your brother/sister, fellow man), and we tried to imagine how our world would be a much brighter and happier place if everyone would look out for someone else – everyone would be taken care of!
After memorising our quote of the day (“Blessed is he who preferreth his brother before himself.”) and colouring in our lesson picture, we used a fun word to remind us to look out for others first:
TOTOFF (= Think OThe Other Fellow First) maybe we’ll make some badges one day…


'The Proud Helper'  As an example, we looked at and read the story of Lua Getsinger, who is wanting to help ‘Abdul’-Bahá in ‘Akká. He sends her off to look after a sick man, but she is so revolted by the state he is and lives in, that she runs back to the Master. He becomes quite sad and tells her, that if she wants to serve God, she must serve this man – if he is sick, she must tend him, if his house is dirty, she must clean it … which she then goes back to do, exactly as ‘Abdu’l-Bahá asked her.

We thought that this story showed us quite well, that we not only need to think of other people and show them compassion, but actually think of them BEFORE ourselves.

HERE is a You Tube clip of the story.  You can get the book from the Baha'i Distribution Service.