Grade 1 Lesson 8 Extra Ideas

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[For our lesson, as we had spent quite a while reviewing/learning the prayer above, we decided to do the quotation memorization after the story; while introducing the virtue prior to the story/at the beginning of the lesson]

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To understand the concept of sincerity, the opposite "fake" was looked at.  Real v. fake things were compared.  First, was a real pear and a fake pear: The fake pear may look a little bit prettier on the outside and have no dents or bruises, but when you look down to the essence of what it is, it lacks depth and value. Taste good? help them grow? nutrition? We determined that it is much more helpful for us if we had the real thing.

Next: Louis Vuitton purses.  The materials used and the care that goes into making a real designer bag far exceeds the fake look alike.

Next: The final lesson taught them a little bit about photo manipulation.  When you look at pictures on the magazines, people are often air brushed, and that is who our littler girls are trying to live up to when it comes to appearance -> can take photos of the children in the class and edit them with ipad aps. We were created by God to be exactly who we are. God didn’t make mistakes. To wish we could live in a fake world of perfect bodies and perfect complexions is not the way God intended us to live.  Can see examples HERE.  

We related all this to the thought of being a fake person. I gave them a couple examples by acting out things. I would say something nice to their face, ask them to go away (within ear shot) and say the opposite thing to the other sister. An example would be, “Abby, I like your shirt.” She then walked away, and I said to Kenzie, “I don’t really like her shirt at all.” I talked about how just like things can be fake or real, people can act fake or real.

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