Grade 1 Lesson 9

Grade 1    Lesson 9:  Humility

It is suggested that in this lesson you review with the children the two prayers they have already learned by heart, indicating that you will introduce a new prayer for them to memorize in the next class. You will, of course, start the lesson today in the usual manner. 

Music / Song
Moving on to the next activity, the children can learn to sing the following song and review the songs they have learned in previous lessons:  
Link to  Music sheet

Be Like the Earth - listen HERE.   or Another version HERE
See the earth 
It’s so humble 
Has all God’s wealth to give 
Everything we need to live 
Lets us walk on it every day 
But have you ever heard it say 
“I am richer 
Greater than you” 
See the tree 
It’s so humble 
The more its fruits abound 
It bows closer to the ground 
And shares the fruit that way 
But have you ever heard it say 
“I am richer 
Greater than you” 

Be like the earth 
Be like the tree 
Rise to the heaven of glory 
On the wings of humility 
Rise to the heaven of glory 
On the wings of humility  

Alternative Song:  He' got the whole world in His Hands

Memorization of Quotation
The next activity is to memorize a quotation from the Baha'i Holy Writings. 
The children will find the quotation easier to memorize if they understand it well.  
It is recommended, therefore, that you spend some time discussing the meaning of the words and phrases with them. 

The ideas below will help you to introduce today’s quotation for memorization. A very important spiritual quality is humility. Those who are humble before God realize the greatness of God and His creation. They give themselves up entirely to God’s Will. When we are humble before God, our hearts are filled with joy. Humility does not mean self-abasement, it means recognizing an Infinite power greater than our little self.  Let us memorize the following quotation.  

“O Son of Man! Humble thyself before Me, that I may graciously visit thee.”      
Put to music HERE

.Pictures used for Memorization of Quotes for Lessons 1 - 10   Link to Download here

Picture Cards used for Memorization of Quotes & Prayers for Grade 1 lessons  Link to Download here

As the next activity, you can tell the following story that will help them think about the quality of Humility.

Here is the story about Humility which is used in the Lesson. You can choose to download  HERE
Here is a link to a pdf file with all the stories in Grade 1 Illustrated.   Link to Illustrated Stories for Grade 1 
There are many ways to make the story come alive.  It's always nice to act this story out with props - Having pictures as you go through the story.
Having the class act out or tell the story.  Use puppets.

Game  Now you can play the "Sometimes I am Tall" game which is in the lesson.
Alternative game: From Rebekah Sands Children's Classes
"I don't know how God made it" i.e. reflecting on the greatness of God.
Based on the alphabet game: Children sit in a circle and go though the alphabet and name things that they don't know how God made. For example the first child says "A - I don't know how God made ants." The next child says "B - I don't know how God made butterflies. "C- I don't know how God made clouds" "D- I don't know how God made diamonds"...]
From HERE.

Benefits of realizing our own weaknesses and the need for help.  Giving children tasks they can't accomplish by themselves and have to ask for help.  After doing all of the activities, I made the parallel that when we are feeling like we can’t do it on our own, we need to ask God for his strength. “God, give me strength as I need to do the right thing.” “Lord, give me your perseverance as I try to learn to swim.” “God, I know you made me. I know that with your help I can be better at doing thing things you ask of me.” We demonstrate humility when we ask the Lord, in all His strength, to provide what you need to accomplish the goals you have for your life and to ask if those goals line up in His wi


HERE is a Pdf with all the colouring sheets for each lesson  

List of Grade 1 Themes & pictures  Download here
Here you will find all the colouring-in images with quotes for the New Grade 1.  On each A4 sheet there is 2 pictures.
It has been found that an A4 size colouring often takes longer than what we had time for, hence has halved time & 
your have less photo copies to do.

Extra ideas Link for Lesson 9 

Closing Prayer