Grade 1 Lesson 9 Extra Material

Arts & Crafts

The imagery created by the words of the song, inspired our art activity for today – gorgeous and lush collages of trees, gardens and everything on the earth… (from Wairarapa's CC)

Role Playing:
 Present children with a series of scenarios where they can be choose to be boastful or humble, such as winning a game, getting an A on a test or giving someone a gift. Have children give a boastful response and a humble response to the scenario. For example, a child could pretend to brag about winning the game to demonstrate boastful behaviour and say "good game" to the other players to demonstrate humility. Talk about how everyone involved would feel for each scenario to emphasize why choosing to be humble is the better option

Alternative arts and crafts ideas:

1. Humble Potato Prints
Cut potatoes into thick slices. Outline and cut out the letters H-U-M-I-L-T-Y. Put a thin layer of seven paint colours on seven 7 small plates. Put one letter stamp with each plate. You'll be using the I stamp twice. Let the children stamp the word HUMILITY onto finger paint paper. They can embellish around the word painting things that remind them of humility. It's also fun to use cookie cutters and cut out other shape potato stamps as well. This can get messy so it's a good outside project. And it's helpful if there's a garden hose, or at least a bucket of water, for washing hands.
2. Humble Bracelets
Cover empty cardboard toilet paper rolls with decorative paper or fabric to make cute bracelets. First cut straight across the length of the cardboard roll. Once you’ve made that cut you can cut around the roll making individual bracelets of various widths. Older kids can do this themselves; younger kids will probably need help. Cut paper or fabric rectangles that will cover the bracelet with a small boarder around each edge. Cover the back of the fabric or paper rectangle with a thin layer of tacky glue and carefully press onto bracelet smoothing out any wrinkles. Tuck all the overlaying edges to the underside. If the bracelet has lost some of its ability to spring back into shape roll it into a smaller roll and hold in shape with a rubber band while the glue dries. For smaller wrists roll them into smaller rounds. If you’ve planned ahead you could invite the kids to bring paper or fabric they like.]

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