Teaching Children's Classes Grade 3 

Version 3.1.1.PP 23 January 2018    A branch course of Book 3  

    It is encouraged for children to move into Grade 3 after completing Grade 1 & Grade 2 

 16 lessons are offered with the aim of introducing to the children the lives and teachings 
 of the Manifestations of God.  In this sense, these lessons are intended to build on those in Grade 2 
 by establishing a connection in the minds of the children between the knowledge of God acquired 
 through His Manifestations and the habits of praiseworthy conduct they are striving to develop.  
Grade 3 Lessons can be purchased from New Zealand B.D.S

Resources for each Lesson

Set 1  

The Role of the Manifestations of God and Their Promises of the Coming of Peace to the World

               Lesson 1          Lesson 2          Lesson 3

 Set 2    

The Lives and Missions of the Manifestations of God Who appeared before the Báb and Baha’u’llah

               Lesson 4          Lesson 5          Lesson 6          Lesson 7

               Lesson 8          Lesson 9          Lesson 10

Set 3    

Themes Related to the Báb 

          Lesson 11          Lesson 12          Lesson 13  

          Lesson 14          Lesson 15          Lesson 16


     Grade 3 Quotations & Prayers put to Music - Download free MP3s
         Larry Magee has created a song for each quotation within the 24 lessons of Book 3 Grade 1. 
         These can be  downloaded for free at    http://www.losNiceGuys.com    Click on the Ruhi Book 3 songs.
         The songs make learning the quotations easy and fun.  They include activities for the children to do while singing.
          There is now a CD or flash drive available with these through the Regional Institute Coordinator.
           Su Ellis   ric-central-north@bahai.org.nz     

    Activities for Grade 3  Here   Nancy Dobrochowski shares activities 

 Prayer & Quotation Booklets in Maori


Music for Children's Class Lessons Grade 3
   Grade 3 Can continue using the Grade 2 Songs
This is a link to the Ruhi Institute page that has recently updated all their songs that are downloadable.          
There is now a CD or flash drive available with all Grade 1 and 2 songs through the Regional Institute Coordinator. Email contact:  Su Ellis   ric-central-north@bahai.org.nz