Teaching Children's Classes Grade 4 

Version 2.1.1 PP 2019    A branch course of Book 3  

The second unit, Lessons for Children's Classes Grade 4 comprises of 16 lessons in 4 sets. 
These build on the previous lesson where the children learn about some of the Divine Educators 
that have guided humanity down the ages, every one of Whom foretold the advent of a supreme 
Manifestation of God who would establish peace and harmony on earth.

In Grade 4 the children turn there attending from the age of promise to the long-awaited 
age of fulfilment and to the incomparable figure of Bahá’u’lláh, His life and Mission.

Grade 4 Lessons can be purchased from New Zealand B.D.S

Resources for each Lesson

Set 1
            Lesson 1            Lesson 2           Lesson 3          Lesson 4

 Set 2

            Lesson 5            Lesson 6            Lesson 7            Lesson 8     

Set 3    
            Lesson 9            Lesson 10            Lesson 11            Lesson 12  

Set 4         
            Lesson 13            Lesson 14            Lesson 15            Lesson 16

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