Links to Websites for Children's Classes

Preschool Website links                     
Instituto Ruhi Official Website Link    
 Music Links for Children

              Great Website sharing ideas to support the Core Activities

  CHILDREN'S MORALS  WEBSITE with supplementary Materials 
Check it out HERE.

Wairarapa Children's Class Blog with GREAT!  Lesson suggestions

Rebekah’s Resources for Core Activities

Great Blog with great ideas for Children's classes


 Brilliant Star 

Enkindle Baha'i Curriculum   

Grade 1 & 2 Activities 

Plant Love Grow creates support tools and resources to assist parents, teachers and health professionals. 

 We want to help you guide, nurture, inspire, and become facilitators for change and growth. 

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What I Learned at Bahá’í Children's Classes  

A Link to a video on facebook with a great description of what Bahá’í Children's classes are all about. 


Karori Children's Class Blog

A blog to reflect on children classes held in Karori, to provide information, and to share resources.

 Baha'i Education Resources by Linden Qualms

Another fabulous website for preschool use.  

This is bilingual in English and Chinese.

 It is a virtues site, but it includes many of the elements of Grade 1 children's classes (the same quotes,  games, etc.) with beautifully formatted printables and online flippable books.

  A Baha'i Children's Class... Soul Friends     

     A great blog where Children's Class Ideas are shared.   Link HERE

Children's class website From Japan


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