Music for Children


    Has music for the Children's Classes which can be downloaded.
There is a CD or flash drive available with all Grade 1 and 2 songs through the Regional Institute Coordinator.    Email contact:  Su Ellis

Grade 1 & 2 Quotations & Prayers put to Music - Download free MP3s

     Larry Magee has created a song for each quotation within the 24 lessons of Grade 1. 
     These can be  downloaded for free at    
     Click on the Ruhi Book 3 songs.
     The songs make learning the quotations easy and fun.  
     They include activities for the children to do while singing.
      There is now a CD or flash drive available with these through the Regional Institute Coordinator 
          Email contact:  Su Ellis


Bahá'í songs with lyrics, chords and videos.



"Bestow Upon Me a Heart"    By Geoffrey, Sarah, Shadi & Hoda. 

Mount Carmel Productions

Songs for children's classes from Philippines

Baha’i Song  and Lyrics  

 Hi everyone,  This website for gathering Baha’i songs lyrics, chords, etc.

A range of waiata & karakia have been selected in this resource. Suggested for pre school age children.
Below are waiata for older children

From this website you can find waiata that you can download.
Also a songbook with lyrics & song sheets

    Music Links

The Angelic Way CD of Virtues music by Stefan Brown

The Angelic Way” has been inspired by the virtues program by the Popov’s where he has taken some of the key virtues and put them into simple catchy songs that kids can learn to sing.  

You can purchase this CD by emailing Stefan at  at a great price of $10 plus postage

   This is one of the best selection of virtues songs I have found for children's classes.  
   With Virtues of Kindness, Obedience, Caring, Unity, Happiness, Trust, Patience, Service and Thankfulness.

Immerse Yourself by Joe Crone

This CD includes 29 songs based on prayers and quotations from the Baha’i Writings presented in a style that is easy to sing along to. It’s a beautiful collection of songs that are suitable for personal listening after a busy day. 
It lends itself to use by both adults and children at spiritual oriented gatherings, Sunday schools, Feasts and children's classes.  
Several songs are "sing and response" format.  Lyrics and guitar chords are included 
to make it easy for communities that are only moderately musical to adapt them for adult or child choirs.


Recite the Verses Volume 1

"Recite the Word, Vol. 1" is a delightful collection of prayers and writings set to music. 

Created by an exceptional cast of musicians, this album seeks to provide communities with uplifting music for their devotional activities as well as provide parents  an excellent resource to aid their children in memorization of the writings.

Tender Branches

Virtues in Me by Radha & the Kiwi Kids

       Download songs HERE

Teaching Peace by Red Grammer

Here is a link to itunes with the song: Teaching Peace