Pre-school Website links


Another fabulous website for preschool use.  
This is bilingual in English and Chinese. It is a virtues site, but it includes many of the elements of Grade 1 children's classes (the same quotes, games, etc.) with beautifully formatted printables and online flippable books.

  CHILDREN'S MORALS  WEBSITE with supplementary Materials 
Check it out HERE.

Enable me to Grow

This website is aimed at collecting resources for mothers to intentionally cultivate their own spiritual growth as well as nourish the spirits of the little ones.  It will offer both inspirational and practical tools inspired by teaching of the Baha'i Faith.

 Radiant Hearts is the first in a series of resources we plan to develop over the next few years (click here to visit the program’s main page).

                                                   They are all aimed at either mothers or young children, and the goal of each is to provide inspiration or a practical tool in order to nurture the spirit.

Enkindle Baha'i Curriculum   

Grade 1 & 2 Activities 

Plant Love Grow creates support tools and resources to assist parents, teachers and health professionals. We want to help you guide, nurture, inspire, and become facilitators for change and growth. You can also sign up   to receive monthly activities, updates & special content.

l Another great website that shares ideas and Lessons for Toddlers and preschool children


Eliot Baha'i Children's Classes  

 Eliot Children's Class Blog     A Great children's class Blog for children 3 years to 6 Years old

A Baha'i Children's Class... Soul Friends

   A great blog where Children's Class Ideas are shared.   Link HERE