Music for Children's Classes

Music to Download for children's classes
WAVES OF ONE SEA: Songs for Baha’i Children’s Classes (Grade 2) Volume 2 

What's on Volume 2:

1. Sing His Praises (Creadell Haley)

2. Attributes of God  (Wiley Rinaldi)

3. Síyáh-Chál (Leslie Garrett)

4. Looking for Good (David Hunt)

5. I Thank and Praise Thee Lord (Joan Lincoln)

6. Others Must Come First (Wiley Rinaldi)

7. The Prince of Peace (Lloyd Haynes)

8. Patience (Leslie Garrett)

9. The Covenant (Chong Boo Haw)

10. Kam Kam (Bob and Linda Simms)

11. Joy (Nancy Ward)

12. Forgive Each Other (Wiley Rinaldi)

13. I’ll Walk the Path (Gregory Shaw)

14. Toko Zani  (Benjamin Dlamini)

15. Sing a New Song (Phyllis)