Supplementary Materials for Children's Classes

Children's Class Grade 1  Support Materials Booklet

Children's Class Grade 2  Support Materials Booklet

The Peace Pack is a religious education programme written especially for Bahá’í classes in primary schools (ages 6 - 12). 
It consists of four books and two CD's (an audio CD including songs from the Peace Pack and another containing all of the lessons in the 4 books, in PDF format for the convenience of the teacher). 
Its themes are deeply rooted in the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh, 
Founder of the Bahá’í Faith. 

The Peace Pack was inspired by and grew out of The Promise of World Peace, a statement released 
in 1985 by the world governing body of the Bahai Faith, on the occasion of the United Nations International Year of Peace. 

As students move through the programme, they will see themselves as “peace makers” developing spiritual qualities or virtues as well as skills and attitudes which are the foundations of peacemaking. In addition they will see themselves as world citizens as they embrace the concept of the oneness of humankind in its diversity. They will understand that peace happens gradually and each student will feel empowered to play a part in its establishment.