Art Manuals for Tutors

These Art Manuals were put together by the Training Institute for England

In your study circle you may use the arts in a variety of ways: as a tool of learning – for example to assist with a difficult piece of memorisation or to illustrate a particular concept or piece of information; as an expression of the joy and harmony developing in your group, or to bring joy to the hearts and spirits of the participants; to develop a deeper appreciation of art and crafts among your participants; to help the participants discover in themselves some of the gifts and talents bestowed on them by God. 

Bahá’u’lláh said: 

"The one true God, exalted be He, loveth to witness handiworks of high craftsmanship produced by His loved ones. Blessed art thou, for what 

thy skill hath produced hath reached the presence of thy Lord, the Exiled, the Wronged. Please God every one of His friends may be enabled 

to acquire one of the crafts, and be confirmed in adhering to what hath been ordained in the Book of God, the All-Glorious, the All-Wise." 

(Cited in Extracts from the Writings concerning Arts and Crafts, published in The Compilation of Compilations 

[Ingleside: Baha'i Publications Australia, 1991), vol. 1, p. 1) 

However ultimately your study circle has a single purpose – to empower the believers 

‘morally and spiritually in their resolve to tread a path of service in the Cause and to humanity’, so your use of the arts must always have this end in view. 

It is hoped that the ideas in this small arts manual will stimulate artistic endeavour in your study circles. You can use the suggestions as described in the book, or you can allow them to spark your own creative initiative. The manual doesn’t include the many games which can be used in study circles since these can be found in other sources. 

The files below are in PDF

Book 1  Art Manual                       Book 2  Art Manual             Book 3  Art Manual

Book 4  Art Manual                Book 5 Art Manual              Book 6  Art Manual