Book 2 Arising to Serve

Book 2 of the main sequence explores the nature of a path of service and the manner in which it is to be trodden. 

An essential feature of community life is unity and fellowship. Visiting people in their homes—family and friends, neighbors and acquaintances—and talking with them about themes central to spiritual and social existence is the first conscious act of service  carried out by those engaged in building such communities. The book helps participants acquire the skills and abilities, knowledge and qualities, needed to enter into conversations with others that are uplifting to the mind and spirit. Participants also think about the nature of the joy one derives from service. 

There are three units in the book: “The Joy of Teaching”, “Deepening Themes”, and “Introducing Bahá’í Beliefs”.

Overview of Book 2


      Quotations from Book 2

Deepening Themes

The following are booklets with colour photos ready to print: These were created in the U.S.

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More Ideas for each Unit of Book 2

Unit 1   The Joy of Teaching

Unit 2   Deepening Themes

    Unit 3   Introducing Baha'i Beliefs