Book 3 Teaching Children's Classes Grade 1

The second act of service addressed by the Institute is in the area of the spiritual education of children. The education of children is essential to the transformation of society. Book 3 focuses on some of the knowledge, skills and qualities necessary for those wishing to enter this important field of service. 

The first unit, “Some Principles of Bahá'í Education”, briefly examines certain principles and concepts inherent to education from a Bahá’í point of view. It does this in the context of character development, as preparation for the next unit, 

“Lessons for Children’s Classes, Grade 1”, which offers a set of lessons intended to foster the development of spiritual qualities in small children. 

The third unit, “Conducting Classes for Children”, seeks to develop the skills and abilities needed to manage a class with a great deal of love and understanding and, at the same time, with the discipline necessary to create a proper learning environment.

Overview of Book 3


Quotations & Prayers From  Book 3

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