Book 4 The Twin Manifestations

Book 4 in the main sequence returns to the question of identity, the “I” in the statement “I walk a path of service”. History shapes much of the identity of individuals, as well as entire peoples. The second and third units in the book are dedicated to the study of the life history of Bahá’u’lláh, the Author of the Bahá’í Faith, and His Forerunner, the Báb. In the first unit, the significance of this Day is briefly examined. Seeing clearly the elements that characterize the past enables individuals to contribute more effectively to shaping the future.

Overview of Book 4


Smith & Dragonman  Haunting melodies, amazing harmonies, poignant themes, touching lyrics and soul-stirring music
The stories of the Faith are put together poetically to music. These can be used well with Book 4 

Grant Hindin Miller  Within the selection of this music, Grant shares the stories of the History of the Faith

You can also purchase his CD's through the BDS of New Zealand

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