Book 5 Releasing the Powers of Junior Youth

This book has a special place in the sequence of the Ruhi Institute. According to the Bahá’í teachings, an individual reaches the age of maturity at 15, when spiritual and moral obligations become binding. The years immediately before this age, then, take on special significance. This is the time when fundamental concepts about individual and collective life are formulated in the mind of an adolescent struggling to leave behind the habits of childhood. Youth between the ages of 12 to 15 have much to say, and whoever treats them as children misses the opportunity to help them form a proper identity. The three units that make up Book 5 focus on some of the concepts, skills, qualities, and attitudes that experience has shown are required by those wishing to implement a program for the spiritual empowerment of junior youth.

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The Junior Youth Empowerment Program  This document looks at
  • Community Betterment through Social Action

    The Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Program

    The Service of the “Animator”

    Transformation through Service

    Striving for Excellence

    Achieving Spiritual Empowerment

    The Materials

    Building Capacity through Training

    Training Materials