Book 6 Teaching the Cause

People from every walk of life are welcome to explore the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh and learn how they can apply them to better their lives. All Bahá’ís, then, share liberally and unconditionally the teachings and precepts of their Faith. Although the propagation of Bahá’u’lláh’s message is one of the most essential services to be rendered, teaching is also a state of being—a state of being in which one is constantly sharing with others that which one has been so bountifully blessed. 

This concept is explored in the first unit of Book 6, “The Spiritual Nature of Teaching”. 

The next two units, “The Qualities and Attitudes of the Teacher” and “The Act of Teaching”, examine various notions about the nature of teaching in light of the Bahá’í writings and how it should be approached, emphasizing the importance of adopting a posture of learning. 

Of particular significance is the example offered in the third unit of how to introduce the Faith to a seeker through the story of Anna and Emilia.

Overview of Book 6
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Extra Resources for Book 6

Anna's Presentation - this link has several Power Point presentations of Anna's Story.  Suitable for direct teaching,
firesides and memorisation

New Zealand Flip Chart of Anna's Presentation - Contact Beth Lew for inforamtion on how to obtain one.
Reaching and Teaching Website  -  This link goes to Reaching and Teaching which has lots of resources for teaching