Book 8 The Covenant of Bahá’u’lláh

    Unit 1  -  The Centre of the Covenant and His Will and Testament

    Unit 2  -   The Guardian of the Faith

    Unit 3  -  The Universal House of Justice

        Book 8 is available as three separate books which respectively cover three separate units.

        Book 8 Unit 1 & 2 are also available in Persian

Story Telling Links

A Covenant Unique in the Spiritual Annals of Mankind  "The Twin Covenants"  HERE

"Mr. Chase's Pilgrimage"      free audio project now available

"Mr. Chase's Pilgrimage" is an abridged version of Thornton Chase's account of his 1907 trip to Haifa and Akka during the days

of  Abdul-Baha.  The project includes several interesting stories that may be of special interest to seekers interested in the history

of the Faith or stories about Abdul-Baha and early Western believers' perceptions of Him. The mixes were produced as a gift to

the Friends and their contacts. Please enjoy!