" ...and every breast which committeth His Words to memory, God shall cause,  if it were that of a believer, to be filled with His love ..."

Memorisation of passages from the Writings is considered an important element of institute courses. So let's explore some ways in which we, as tutors of study circles, can help and encourage participants to memorise.

Naturally, pressure on those who find memorisation difficult should be avoided. However, there is ample evidence that study circle participants who lack confidence in their ability to memorise, have discovered the joy of being able to commit just a few words or small passages to memory, after sensitive encouragement by tutors. As their confidence and courage grows, so does their ability to recited longer passages by heart.

Inspirations Booklet  Creative Ideas to support Memorisation & Reflection

Memorization Aids
 A fun & easy way to memorize quotations.
Quotes from most of the Books here with 3 game types.

Now availabe.  A downloadable version of iMemorize.  
The program works the same as the online version but can be downloaded and then used withouth an internet connection. 
 This FREE program is designed to assist in the memorization of the Baha'i writings.
There are 3 choices of games.
Available for PC and Mac.